Lego Church

church099.jpgPerhaps it was inevitable but it has arrived — the Lego Church. Check out the photos here:

We make a lot of things with Legos at our house. But certainly not churches. The closest thing to a worship space might be a fort. And what the boys build up, they like to destroy. I can’t imagine what they’d do to the Lego Church! But Ben and Zack’s efforts mostly go into things like alien spaceships and military vehicles. Basically anything that shoots. We’d make lousy Quakers.

It doesn’t help that we’re a well-armed household. Swords, light sabers, water pistols; our den houses a veritable plastic armory. But even if we tried harder to limit the miniature military-industrial complex that blossoms in our home, I doubt we’d have much success. The boys are, well, boys. And even if you took away every weapon, tossed out the army men, and trashed the ninja costumes, they’d always go outside and find a stick. So while we try to limit their exposure to violent images, there’s just something innate about boys wanting to play war games. 

And I’m okay with that. I did the same thing when I was a kid and as an adult I have no desire to blow things up. Perhaps my stint in the Army as a tank platoon leader got it out of my system.

So, enjoy the Lego Church. And know that if it was at our house, the Hulk would come crashing through the narthex.


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