Back to Reality

clock.jpgThe kids are back in school today. And, yes, that’s a good thing for everyone involved. The first day back from vacation is tough on everybody. Actually it’s not the first day back so much as it is the night before. Combining back-to-school anxiety with bath night, the regular bedtime (which got away from us during the break), and no more Wii (the big family Christmas gift) after dinner, is like trying to lasso an eel. Okay, that’s a horrible analogy. But you get the point.

This morning went fine. I think. Or at least it seemed to be moving along in good order before I had to leave 20 minutes before the bus was due. Sorry Bryna. For us things are relatively calm in the morning until the last two minutes before the boys need to go down the driveway to catch the bus. That’s the precise moment when they finally consent to eat breakfast, get socks on, finish their homework, brush their teeth, whine about having to go to school, decide they don’t like the shirt they’re wearing, fight with their brother, and go to the bathroom.  And this all happens in the tiny mudroom near the back door with the dog barking in the middle of it all. It’s no wonder I’m ready for a drink by the time that yellow bus pulls away. 

So back to the regular routine. That is, if you can call it either “regular” or “routine.”


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