Midnight Madness

Popped the champagne at 9:00 pm last night. We had a few friends over with their kids, ordered Greek food, and spent a relaxing evening laughing, eating, and conversing. Once we put on the movie upstairs.

I don’t think I’ve seen the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve since Ben was born 8 and 1/2 years ago. Even when Y2K threatened to destroy the world I figured I’d hear all about it in the morning. Or just sleep in for eternity. Plus with a six-month-old who was a fitful sleeper, we needed all the shuteye we could get. It was bad enough that my very first act of the new millennium was changing a diaper at 2 am. I was in my final year of seminary in Evanston and Bryna and I did watch the ball drop in Times Square before going to sleep at 11:05 pm Central Time. As arrogant East Coasters we figured that if it was midnight in New York, the millennium had already arrived. (The best thing about Central Time? Monday Night Football starting at 8 pm which gave me a fighting chance to see the whole game).

Actually I’ve always found New Year’s Eve to be slightly depressing. The mirth seems somehow contrived; like “forced fun.” Anyone who needs a noisemaker made in China to show everyone what a good time they’re having needs to get a life. And have you ever seen anyone wearing those glasses shaped liked the new year at any other time? I’d be impressed if someone wore 1984 glasses to our next Diocesan Convention. If only for the Orwellian overtones.

The calendar itself is simply a reflection of the human need to gain control over the chaos of creation. I don’t think God really cares what year it is or what day it is. Or whether your countdown begins at midnight or 9 pm. Of course, practically speaking, we need calendars and schedules so we know what time Law & Order is on tonight.

Ben insisted he was staying up until midnight to ring in the New Year; he was so not impressed with our lame 9 o’clock “fake” celebration. Fine with me. Just keep the volume down so I don’t get rudely awakened by Dick Clark (isn’t it past his bedtime?). Ben was out cold by 10:40.

Happy New Year!


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