Holy Chaos

In my favorite scene from my favorite movie, “Diner” (Barry Levenson film set in 1950’s Baltimore), the Kevin Bacon character gets drunk and punches out the three Wise Men in a life-size nativity scene outside a church. In his underwear.  I’m reminded of this every year during the annual Christmas Pageant rehearsal. We held ours last night and once again, by default or lack of delegation, I ended up as the director. As much as I enjoy impersonating Francis Ford Coppola (“Silence on the set!”), I’ve got to let this go.

I have, however, gotten to the point where I almost look forward to the “holy chaos” of the pageant itself. I’d imagine the chaos is closer to what really happened in Bethlehem anyway. It may have been a holy night but silent? I doubt it — not with all those sheep and cows and whatever other animals were hanging around. Plus have you ever been in a birthing room? Many things come to mind but silence is not one of them.

But rather than detract from the miracle, I think the chaos amplifies it. Jesus came into the very messiness of our lives — not just the order of a dignified Sunday morning service but the craziness of the yearly Christmas pageant. And thanks be to God for that.


2 Comments on “Holy Chaos”

  1. Matt Schenck says:

    I thought your favorite scene was when the girl takes the Colts trivia test to qualify as marriage material. You know, the one that inspired your Orioles questionnaire for Bryna 🙂

  2. Bryna Rogers says:

    And he married me anyway — Yankee fan and all!

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