Monday Morning Blues

Unlike the rest of the civilized world, I do not fear Mondays. It’s not that I’m an annoyingly energetic type-A workaholic who can’t wait to get back to work after the weekend (for the record, I’d call myself type-B+). It’s not that I’m retired and every day feels like Saturday (when does that Pension Fund kick in?). And it’s not that I enjoy the mad Monday morning rush to get the kids out the door to the school bus. It’s just that Monday is my day off. For some reason I wasn’t able to negotiate Sunday mornings off in my contract with All Saints’ They expect me to work on weekends — I guess those old blue laws don’t apply to clergy.

The bad news is that it’s nearly impossible to take the family and “go away for the weekend.” I’d be willing to preach via video feed but that idea’s been unceremoniously shot down. For some reason people expect their priest to appear “live and in person.” Perhaps I’ll suggest that one Sunday a month people sleep in and just tune into Joel Osteen.  

The good news is that I can sit at my favorite coffee shop — Coffee Labs in Tarrytown — with Delilah at my side and blog. I’ve even been to the gym already so I don’t feel the least bit guilty. The boys are in school, Bryna’s subbing at the Middle School, and I’m drinking a cup of full-bodied black Mexican chiapas. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m drinking an egg nog flavored coffee with milk and cream. But you get the point.   

So I love Mondays; the weekend’s done, I’m responsibility-free, and it’s pretty quiet around the house. Now Tuesdays are another matter. Tomorrow I’ll, once again, be off to the salt mines… 


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