In or Out?

Bryna and Ben have been fighting over baby Jesus. Bryna’s of the mindset that Jesus shouldn’t be placed in the creche until Christmas Eve. We have it all set up in the living room but Jesus is on the bookshelf behind the creche. Unless Ben wanders into the living room; then baby Jesus is placed back into the manger. He likes the whole scene to be set up properly. It’s been going back and forth like this all week. I’ve stayed above the fray by avoiding the whole conversation.

But actually, they’re both right. I prefer to keep the baby Jesus out of the creche until Christmas just to emphasize the void that gets filled with Jesus’ arrival. Of course I also don’t like the three wise men getting to the creche before Epiphany on January 6th. Call me a nativity scene fundamentalist. But Ben’s theory is true as well — even as we await the arrival of the Christ-child, Jesus is fully present with us. In the context of things, it’s not much of a holy war.


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