Near Death Experience

I hung the icicle lights on the outside of the front porch this weekend. This has become my yearly attempt to cheat the orthopedic fates. I survived another Advent without taking a tumble off the rickety ladder.  There were a few moments that captured that feeling when you lean back in a chair and almost fall backwards but just catch yourself in time. As if I need more adrenaline-pumping, death-defying, heart-pounding, gray hair-inducing split seconds in my life. But whatever. I got the lights hung, as per Bryna’s instructions, before she went out to run some errands. Of course she also reminded me to test them before I put them up. Oops. Most of them lit up, I discovered at the climactic moment when I plugged them in. I had the boys witness my dramatic handiwork and I knew there was a light “issue” when I heard one of them say, “Uh, Dad, they don’t look right.” Doh!

Actually, they’re not that bad. So there’s about a foot on each end where they don’t light up. Maybe it’s not a bad metaphor for our Christmas preparations. Despite the fact that your tree leans a bit to the left, despite the fact that your Christmas ham may be slightly overcooked, despite the fact that your Christmas cards may not go out until the 26th, Jesus still arrives. So the fact that our lights aren’t perfect is okay. At least that’s what I told Bryna when I got the inevitable “I told you so” look.


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