Turkey Trotting

ryeturkey.jpgZack and I spent Saturday afternoon in Rye (an upscale NY suburb and home to Rye Playland). We were there for the 31st annual Rye Turkey Trot. And trot we did, running a 5K race (3.1 miles). Zack, Ben and I have started running together on occasion and the boys  have done a few kids races the past few months — a quarter mile “fun run” in Central Park and then a community one mile race in Croton. But this was the big one. 3.1 miles for a six-year-old is a long way to go; those skinny little legs were churning hard. But amazingly enough, Zack ran the whole way! I was impressed. His favorite part? The water stop. As we approached it, I told him it was the one time in his life he’d be allowed to litter. He picked up the pace, grabbed a cup from the volunteer, took a sip, spit some out, took another sip, gargled, and then dramatically tossed the cup to the curb. With Zack, styryeturkey.jpgryeturkey.jpgle is key. That was also the case at the finish line. After a strong finishing kick, he lifted his arms heavenward, did a 360, and knelt down. Kind of a combination victory dance and touchdown celebration. Hey, he earned it.


One Comment on “Turkey Trotting”

  1. GT says:

    When I heard that Zack ran the whole run I was truly impressed.

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