Attack of the Advent Wreath

On Sunday the boys made an Advent wreath in Sunday School. This isn’t earth-shattering news since ’tis the season I guess. I was pretty surprised they actually worked together to make a single Advent wreath for the family. I was pretty sure we’d end up with dueling Advent wreaths on our dining room table (“You lit his first!). But, no, we have a single wreath adorning our table. Of course, being PKs (priest’s kids) they couldn’t just go the traditional route. The two holly branches are sticking straight out forming what looks like a two-pronged weapon. And I did nearly gouge some poor kid’s eyes out leaving Coffee Hour on Sunday. When Bryna asked the boys about their unique design, they told her they wanted it to look like a reindeer. Hmmm. It actually does.



One Comment on “Attack of the Advent Wreath”

  1. Lanning Taliaferro says:

    Well it also looks like a piece of equipment from a sci-fi show – one that helps them look for signs of life, say.
    Think of it as an Advent detector.

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